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Akhilesh Mittal
Principal Consultant- SAP at Infosys Tech Ltd


Professionalism, Positive Attitude and SRM Expertise, are some of the adjectives that describe my impression of Consultant of Supra Associates. I hired the consultant for a 3 month SAP Enhancement project. He quickly adapted to the client's culture, and understood the business processes and related challenges. Although the consultant was brought in to consult for SRM 7 Integration, he proactively got involved in other aspects of the business processes as well. Due to his innovative and optimal solutions, we were able to take on more scope of work and extend the engagement.


Eduardo Moreno
M&A Integrations Program Manager at EMC


Supra Associates Consultant is a great resource and any team would be lucky to have him. The Consultant worked for me on a new SAP SRM & SUS implementation. The SRM implementation was part of a larger SAP implementation. The SRM effort had the largest number of users in the overall SAP project at the company. Therefore it was critical to have the right resources to ensure a successful go-live and stabilization phase. He joined the team around the time build was completing and testing had started. His role was to assist the main SRM & SUS architect of the project with any design, build, test, deploy, training & post go-live maintenance issues. The Consultant was hands on from the start, always willing to do what was needed, when it was needed. Always willing to work extra if required and was very dependable. He always produced quality work and takes pride in his work. He developed a great relationship with the team during the 7 months and before leaving, he mentored different resources on SRM & SUS so they could support the application moving forward. This was crucial for us as now these resources are able to maintain the tool now that the stabilization phase is over. Overall, I would highly recommend The Consultant to any employer


Carla Eggert
Senior Financial Analyst at Johnson Controls


Consultant  was a great SAP technical support person in our time together at Johnson Controls. She is very personable and friendly and is always willing to help, even when she is quite busy. She is very knowledgeable about SAP and would always work with support people for our various other systems to get the bottom of issues, rather than handing us off to someone else.


Udaya Neelam
SAP Lead Consultant at Sikorsky Aircraft


Supra Associates consultant has been a key contributor on the SAP project team working on the SAP implementation for Sikorsky Support Services. This subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft is primarily into After Market Services. The Consultant brings in a lot of SAP FICO experience and played the role of an ‘enabler’ on this project team. In-depth knowledge of Finance business processes, Customer Focus, Focus on Results and Quality solutions are her core competencies. She played a key role in designing and configuring core FICO functionalities like Fixed Assets, Project Systems, Accounts Payables and Taxes to name a few. The Consultant gets along very well with Customers and the project team and many a times bridged the gap between Customer and project team in times of an impasse. She brings in a strong positive intent and takes initiatives to resolve issues. Her work ethic is beyond reproach and has gone far beyond reasonable requests on her time in meeting projects needs. Has a great sense of TEAM and is most definitely someone I would request for my projects I might have in future.