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We create custom designed paperless software for your company. It is an excellent asset for any Auto Dealership, Real Estate Brokers, School system, Hospital system, and more. The possibilities are endless. With our paperless solutions, a huge and heavy filing cabinet is a thing of the past. No more time wasted looking for your documents in the filing cabinets. All signed contracts and documents are scanned and stored neatly within the database and can be found in seconds.


Imagine a scenario where a customer bought a car 4 weeks ago and is back to get his/her license plate. How many times have you spent hours looking for his documents? How many times did you have to tell your customer that you will call him/her back after you locate their file? That's history! With our paperless solution software, you will be able to track down all documents and have it printed within seconds!

How much are you currently spending on your Auto Inventory Management Software? Does it also store signed contract digitally? Does it send your customers birthday emails? What about a service reminder? Is it easily integrated with your online marketing partners such as Autotrader, Automarts, etc? Well, ours does! Some key features of our Auto Dealership Inventory System includes:


1. Custom DMV forms for your state

2. F&I Billing system

3. Up to 5 of your very own custom forms

4. Custom Print Window Stickers

5. Integrated with your online inventory

6. Integrated with, Automart, Auto Trader, Nickel Ads, and more.

7. Direct import from Kelley Bluebook online, NADA, and more.

8. Parts, Invoicing, and Inventory control

9. Online and Offline accessable database.

10. Sales Invoice

12. Retail and Wholesale vehicle Purchase Order

13. Inventory Barcode support

14. PC, MAC, Ipad compatible!

15. More....


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