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Supra Associates Medical Billing and Coding Solution Suite provides the complete solution to your medical billing requirements.

Whether you are a sole practitioner, part of a physician’s group, a medical transportation company, a medical equipment company, a physical therapist, a mobile imaging company… anyone who bills public and private insurers – Supra Associates specializes in maximizing your revenues while eliminating your financial and human resource problems, so you and your staff can offer the best of the patient care.

Our Expert Billing speeds up the process form data entry to claim submission for a quick reimbursement. Our solutions include:

  • General Billing
  • Neurology Billing
  • DME Billing
  • Outsourcing & Human Resource Management
  • Consulting Accounts Receivables
  • Recovery Management
  • Claims Status Checking

With our experienced billing and coders in house, we deliver high quality and secured end to end revenue process management maximizing your reimbursement.

Along with the revenue process management process we also provide analytics, charts and abstractions. Our total solutions include the following solutions:
  • Revenue Process Management
  • Charts and Abstractions
  • Spend Analytics
  • Market Research
  • Complete Billing and Coding solution suite
  • Virtual Assistance

Our value proposition through RPM solution:

  • Increase your collection rate by 5% to 15%.
  • Reduce your medical billing costs upto 25%.
  • Reduce Payer Denials.
  • Faster Claim submissions within 48 hours of receiving the documents.
  • Eliminate medical billing and personnel problems.