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We work with the customers, guide them and make aware of the issues and opportunities so that they can make a better decision and get their ROI. Our consultant’s strategic model best fits any customer.
See below of what we have done to keep the customer smiling.


Major Automotive Integrator:

Challenge: Interfaces from legacy to SAP were not operational and manual. Annual cost run and profit planning was manual and tedious and was prone to error. The system basically had a glitch and affected North America and Europe. Business was unhappy and affected future projects.

Offshore team had been charted to maintain the sytems. Even with large pool of resources, the issues got worse and more tension grew with the business community.

solution: Though situation was subjective, our consultant took control of the system, resolved the issues and was able to automate the annual costing run successfully with in few weeks of being there. The business gained confidence and eventually move forwarded with several projects which were put on hold.

Our consultant rolled out several major projects like European currency conversion, and several green field deployments, profit planning for more than 150 plants without hitch.


Government Agency:

Challenge: The successful delivery of this project was an important milestone for the agency’s IT department. With no technical staff on board and fixed budget, agency had not many options other than to offshore the project. They had been chartered to upgrade their SAP systems.

After the Initial Implementer had completed the engagement, the systems were not maintained or updated. Except for their production system, their system landscape was inoperable. Testing in development systems would result in a posting in their production system. The system was not upgraded to the latest software release versions. This not only affected support and trouble shooting, but also enriching the system and fully utilizing the system capabilities and ultimately to see a return on their investment.

solution: After our consultant’s engagement with the client, with his experience and knowledge first made aware of the technical issues and how it would affect enriching the system with new functionalities and capabilities. First the landscape was stabilized and made it operational. No more testing environments posting to production. After system stabilization, software was upgraded to the current service pack level version, thoroughly validated and then released to the production.

This not only gave client the confidence, but also opportunity to negotiate a budget to enrich the system which in turn would make the operations streamlined and easier. Bottom-line capitalize the full capabilities of the system and maximize the returns on their investment.